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Historical Databases in My HorseRaces 2.9

My HorseRaces comes with many historical databases. They are Microsoft© Access databases and may be interrogated using My HorseRaces itself or using Microsoft© Access software.

What are the historical databases?

The historical databases that come with My HorseRaces 2.9 contain East Australian races from the following years. Except for one database, the races in the databases are almost all run on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan racecourses. The links here take you to a description of the contents of each database and past performance of groups of races in each database for particular analytical settings of My HorseRaces.

In addition, there is a database that was created by merging the 2008 (metropolitan) and 2009 databases using My HorseRaces database manipulation facility.

Where will the databases be stored on my computer?

If analysing the databases using My HorseRaces it is not necessary to know where the databases are stored on your computer.

However, if you wish to interrogate the databases directly using Microsoft© Access, the file path to, say, the 2004 databases is:

What is the structure of these Microsoft© Access databases?

The following structure of is common across all of the historical Microsoft© Access databases in My HorseRaces.

Access database structure

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