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Wayne Mayo
My HorseRaces Developer
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Download preliminaries

Following are the steps involved in downloading My HorseRaces 2.8 for AUD$80:

  1. Click on the 'Buy Now' link below.
  2. Go through the payment process, paying by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this process.
    You will be asked for name and e-mail address (the only details received by the developer) during payment process. These details will not be used by the developer unless you wish to receive a tax invoice or updates notification.
    You may print a receipt during the payment process. If, in addition, you wish to receive a tax invoice for the payment you make (or wish to receive notifications of updates), send an e-mail separately .
  3. After completing the payment process you will be redirected to a download page with a link which you can immediately click and save the My HorseRaces 2.8 setup program (MyHorseRaces 2.8.msi file, about 50Mb). You also receive an e-mail thanking you for your payment and providing an alternative link to download My HorseRaces 2.8.
    You will need a computer running Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (including Windows 10 tablets) with minimum recommended 128 Mb RAM and 100 Mb free space on hard disc).
  4. Once you have downloaded the MyHorseRaces 2.8.msi file, go to where you saved the file on your computer and double-click 'MyHorseRaces2.8.msi' and follow the installation instructions. During installation, a My HorseRaces 2.8 icon will appear on your computer's desktop. Double-click the icon to run My HorseRaces - with the proviso that if your operating system is Windows 7 you must run the program as administrator.
    When you first run My HorseRaces you will asked to accept the My Horseraces licence agreement. You should view the licence agreement and confirm that you will accept it before clicking the 'Buy Now' link below to start the payment and download process.
  5. To run My HorseRaces, you will need to have Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1 installed in your computer. While Microsoft® no longer provides support for .NET Framework 1.1, this software has been used with My HorseRaces since its inception in 2005 in the various Microsoft® Windows operating systems available since then. Following is the installation sequence for .NET Framework 1.1:
    When you first try to install My HorseRaces by double-clicking on the downloaded MyHorseRaces 2.8.msi file (or when you first try to run My HorseRaces) you will be told if you need to install the .NET framework 1.1. If you are told this, select 'No'.
    Then, click on this link to immediately Download .NET Framework 1.1 (23.7 Mb) and install by double clicking the downloaded 'dotnetfx.exe' file.
    With Windows 10, should a dialog box appear during the install saying "Objects\..\..\crystalreportviewers12\..\PrintControl.dll failed to register", simply click 'Continue'. With Windows 7, ignore dialog boxes referring to 'compatibility issues' by clicking 'Run program'.
    Finally, restart your computer.
  6. The Racing Australia (RA) electronic files that work with My HorseRaces are 'Computer Form' (2 years form per horse at a meeting) or 'New Form' (last 5 races per horse) electronic files which you access as an 'RSB subscriber'. My HorseRaces’ purchasers are able to become RSB subscribers with download accounts with RA.
    After you download My HorseRaces 2.8,you are advised how to become an RSB subscriber with RA and start accessing RA's electronic race files to use with My HorseRaces (as explained in the following links in the Overview section of the My HorseRaces user's guide: Race Day Entry and Analysis/ Entering Race Data/ How to upload electronic racing files into My HorseRaces data bases).

Download My HorseRaces 2.8

The price of My HorseRaces 2.8 is AUD$80. With this software:

You should view the licence agreement you will asked to accept when you first run My HorseRaces and confirm that you will accept it before clicking the 'Buy Now' link below to start the payment and download process.


The size of the download file is about 50Mb. Fast broadband is recommended for the download.

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